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      Consultation hotline:010-82384870


      1997  honored by Haidian District People's Government

      2006  selected by Beijing Municipal IP Office as one of Zhongguancun Science Park Docking IP Service Organizations

      2007  General Manager Tao Zhang was awarded advanced individual in Beijing Patent Pilot Project

      2007  was awarded Cutting-edge Growth  Enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Association

      2008  Outstanding Membership of the Science and Technology Intermediary Association

      2009  General Manager Tao Zhang became Committee of Beijing Intellectual Property Research Association

      2009  joined Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Intermediary Service Association

      2010  certificate of honor by Beijing Hope Public Foundation

      2010  General Manager Tao Zhang won certificate of honor by SIPO.

      2012  became member of China Intellectual Property Society

      2012  won the title of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Excellent IP Services Organization

      2013 became one of Enterprise IP Management Norm Implementation Coaching Organizations selected by Beijing Municipal IP Office.

      2015 was awarded 2014 Annual Performance Appraisal Zhongguancun Excellent Intellectual Property Service Organization by the Capital IP services Association and Zhongguancun IP Promotion Bureau

      2015 was rated in the list of "2014 Beijing Business Services Industry Outstanding Organizations – Top Ten IP Agencies" released by the Beijing Business Service Industry Association